Best Crypto Exchange Tokens To Buy

Crypto exchanges allow you to buy, sell, and exchange various cryptocurrencies. They play an integral role in the blockchain system that is expanding at a rapid rate. These exchanges provide a user-friendly interface similar to that of conventional online brokerage accounts or financial exchanges. The difference is that they offer access to a variety of digital assets. Native tokens of a crypto exchange are called crypto exchange tokens. Below are the best crypto exchange tokens ideal for investors and traders.

  • BNB

BNB was launched by the largest crypto exchange, Binance, in July 2017. The exchange tries to bring all the crypto exchanges to the frontier of global financial activity. Binance also offers wide functionalities and features for users. The network of Binance includes Research projects, Trust wallet, Binance Academy, Binance Smart Chain, and Binance Chain. The whole Binance network uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the financial sector. BNB serves as the crucial factor for the successful operation of several sub-projects of Binance. 

  • FTX token

FTT or FTX token was launched in May 2018 as the native crypto token of the FTX trading platform. The FTX team includes many big crypto traders. Its features like universal stablecoin settlement, centralized collateral pool, and clawback prevention make it unique. FTX tries to minimize socialized losses through a three-tiered liquidation model. 

  • Cronos

CRO or Cronos is the native crypto token of an open-source, decentralized blockchain called Cronos Chain. It was launched by, which is a financial, trading, and payment services company. Another notable feature is that Cronos Chain comes as a product in the solution lineup of focussing on accelerating the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies to improve personal control of money, protect user data, and safeguard the identities of the user. 

  • KuCoin Token

KCS or KuCoin Token is KuCoin’s native token launched in 2017. It is a profit-sharing crypto token, allowing traders to get value from the crypto exchange. KCS was an ERC-20 token initially, operating on the Ethereum network, and got support from almost every Ethereum wallet. When the decentralized KuCoin trading solution is live, the KuCoin token of KCS will turn out to be KuCoin’s native coin in the future. 

  • OK

OKex, a Maltese crypto exchange, and OK Blockchain Foundation own the OKB cryptocurrency. This crypto exchange is the third in terms of liquidity and is one of the largest crypto exchanges. It holds the fourth place for the trading volume. OKex offers different varieties of trading pairs and is quite similar to Binance. The platform provides a cloud mining service, different from that of Binance. 

  • MX Token

MX or MX token was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The MEXC platform is behind this native crypto token and is completely decentralized. The MX ecosystem has been improving every day, empowering builders and users. MX token aims at providing a stable and safe trading experience. The token holders also get the right to cast their vote on various business decisions as well as team elections. Thus, they get to participate in different activities of the ecosystem.